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UTEP Coaching Search: Yost Resigns, Beck Interviews?

Jamie Squire

After 12 years as an assistant at Missouri, offensive coordinator and UTEP head coaching candidate David Yost resigned today, citing personal reasons. Could this be a sign that Yost is the next head man of the Miners? Or is it a sign that he is no longer in the running?

According to Dave Matter of, Yost initially turned in his letter of resignation last week, but head coach Gary Pinkel asked him to reconsider. After a week, Yost officially stepped down. The question now becomes, is Yost still a candidate for the UTEP job?

If we assume that Yost left his post as the offensive coordinator at Missouri on his own, one would have to think that he's stepping away from football. If he weren't, why would he be in such a hurry to leave Mizzou?

Unless Yost was forced out, which that doesn't seem is the case, we can probably go ahead and take his name out of consideration as the next head coach of the Miners. But, with that, we can go ahead and put in one more.

Rumor has it that Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck is or has interviewed for the job. Beck has been back and forth between the high school and college ranks since the late 80's, and has been at Nebraska since 2008. Originally the running backs coach, Beck was promoted to the offensive coordinator in 2010.

Beck also happened to be part of the staff at Kansas under Mark Mangino, another UTEP candidate, when the Jayhawks went to the Orange Bowl and knocked off Virginia Tech. It's still unclear whether or not he has actually interviewed, but he is one to keep an eye out for.