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3 UTEP Women's Basketball Player's Involved In Drug-Related Incident?

Interesting story coming out of the women's basketball program today, who have received votes in both the AP Top 25 and the Coaches Top 25, we may now know as to why 2 female basketball players were suspended from the team before their game with Houston on January 22nd. According to the report via The Prospector, 3 players were involved in a drug-related incident on Friday, January 20th. Those student-athletes, per anonymous sources, were Ryah Lacy and Chrishauna Parker. A 3rd athlete was at the scene but allegedly left right away, that athlete was allegedly Gloria Brown. Which again, hints us to why they were suspended from the team. Brown was not suspended.

I'm guessing we may not see Parker and Lacy on the court for awhile and hopefully this incident doesn't put a damper on the great season the Lady Miners are having.