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WWE's Jerry "The King" Lawler Calls for Memphis to Piledrive Coach Larry Porter

Just another day in the C-USA.

The current state of Memphis football has taken a turn for the bizarre. We all know how bad it's gotten.  For those who didn't, know this:

The Tigers program appears to be in a complete state of disarray.  To add insult to injury, Jerry "The King" Lawler, yes the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler and commentator, sent an email to the Memphis Commercial Appeal's Geoff Calkins urging the university to fire head football coach  Larry Porter and athletic director R.C. Johnson. Lawler ran for mayor of Memphis in 1999 and is a local celebrity of sorts.  I realize Lawler's opinion doesn't matter a whole lot.  He's a wrestler.  But, hey, it's not everyday I get to reference the WWE in a post while listing a series of links showing how terrible a C-USA rival is.  Sue me.

Here's the complete text of Lawler's email:

Hi Geoff,
This is just a quick note to commend you for having the intestinal fortitude to tell it exactly like it is concerning the sorry state of the University of Memphis football program.  I appear in a different city around the country every week with the WWE and Memphis football is a laughing stock to the rest of the nation and an embarrassment to anyone from this city.  Stick to your guns, keep shouting the truth...Memphis football will never improve until both Porter and Johnson are gone!
Jerry Lawler

File this in the "too random to pass up" category.