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GCP Mineros : '11-'12 MBB Roster/Rotation Projections

Here is a great post by GCP Mineros on the new look of the UTEP men's basketball roster. This should've been bumped a while back, and I apologize that it wasn't, but here is something for anyone who hasn't seen it or just cares to chime in. Good stuff here, good job GCP Mineros! Anyone else who might have any information or insight on the roster or projected rotations, let us know.

Here is Next Years Projected Roster:


Lname Fname Height Weight Position Year
Campbell D'Von 5-9 160 PG FR
Streeter Jacques 6-0 175 PG JR
Cooper CJ 6-0 155 PG FR
Marquis Mitch 6-0 175 PG JR
Baker Tony 6-1 180 SG SO
Perez Michael 6-3 180 SG SO
Tafoya Tyler 6-3 160 SG JR
Perry Kevin 6-5 225 SF SO
Nelson Darius 6-5 225 SF FR
Ragland Jalen 6-5 175 SG FR
McCulley Gabriel 6-7 225 PF SR
Washburn Julian 6-7 205 PF FR
Moore Malcolm 6-7 245 PF JR
Starke Dazmond 6-7 230 PF JR
Lang Cedrick 6-9 225 PF FR
Bohannon John 6-10 210 C SO
Vint Hooper 6-11 220 C FR


I've taken some liberties with determining position and list year according to number of eligible NCAA seasons remaining.  Let me know if inaccurate info is listed.

1st point of clarification - Roster, Division 1 schools are allowed 13 athletic scholarships which by my tally we have 1 scholarship remaining.  (9 new signees + 3 current).  Does the remaining scholarship go to a student athlete currently enrolled or are the coaches still actively pursuing another player?  Or are we still short a scholarship from Barbee's tenure, (academic penalty). Some have commented on our lack of size however if you look at the full Roster height is no longer an issue with the recent signing of Vint.

2nd - Rotation,This is the fun part for the fans.  I have not yet seen any of our incoming players in person.  My information is based entirely on video, articles, websites and posts.

               PG - Streeter                         2 Marquis/ 3 Campbell

               SG - Perez                             2 Ragland/3 Cooper

               G/F - McCulley                      2 Nelson/3 Perry

               PF - Moore                            2 Washburn/3 Starke

               C - Bohannon                       2 Lang/3 Vint

I'm confident with the PG, G/F, & C starters whereas SG, PF and off the bench are all up for grabs. 

3rd - Projections, Most would consider such high turnover a rebuilding year. 8 of the players listed have collegiate experience with 5 playing at the D1 level.

     Which new player will have the most impact? - Streeter

     Will the Sophomores take a step forward or back? - Forward

     Will there be a sellout Don? - Yes, 3 (Home opener, NMSU, Conference opener)

     6th Man award? - Whomever comes off the bench at the PF position

     Will rebounding be an issue? - Middle of the pack, not league leader and not cellar dweller

     Which tourney will the season finish? - NCAA, call me crazy but didn't we hire CTF for this answer?