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Quick Dig: Conference USA Championship Gameday Edition


Quick Dig:  It's Game Day and here are some quick links to get the day started.  We'll have two open game threads here today, one for the morning session and one for the afternoon session.  Also, today we' ll learn who the C-USA has designated as the league's Most Valuable Player.  

Sports Illustrated Chimes In:  CNNSI's Andy Glockner sees UTEP as the favorite and sees a Memphis vs. UAB semifinal with the loser certainly off to the NIT.

Electrifying:  Bill Knight has a stellar read on Randy Culpepper's legacy at UTEP.

O' So Close:  Marshall's Tom Herrion knows Houston can beat the Herd.  They almost did last time.

Third Times the Hardest:  East Carolina head coach coach Jeff Lebo knows how hard it is to beat a team three times.  ECU is going for the trifecta against UCF this morning.

Mr.  Basketball:  Gary Flowers has won the Howell Trophy- which honors the best collegiate basketball player in Mississippi.

Almost Back:  Jason King of Yahoo! Sports has an absolutely terrific read on Billy Gillispie's quest to get back to coaching.

Open Letter:  UTEP's Brian Wickstrom wrote a letter to the fan bases of each C-USA team welcoming them to El Paso.  Check it out here.