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Video: Marshall's Dago Pena Takes Out UCF's A.J. Rompza

The Marshall and UCF game was a real bruiser.  A sellout crowd in Huntington watched as 7 technical fouls were called in the Herd's 83-69 win.  The video above shows Marshall guard Dago Pena elbowing UCF's A.J. Rompza.  Pena was called for a flagrant foul and ejected.  But, as noted in the Dig, Pena was not suspended by the C-USA for the cheapshot.  There is some bad blood between these schools, which was obviously intensified when Donnie Jones left Marshall to take the head coaching job at UCF.  After watching the video, I can't help but think that Pena got off easy.  C-USA fans probably dislike Rompza more than any other active player but this looks like a suspendable offense to me.  What do you think? Did Rompza get what was coming?  Or did Pena deserve to be suspended?