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UTEP's Randy Culpepper Must Be Invited to the NCAA Dunk Contest

There's no doubt that Randy Culpepper is one of the best dunkers in college basketball and proof of that is in the video above.  For Miner fans, its a must watch.  Actually, for basketball fans, it's a must watch video.  Hopefully, whoever decides who participates in the 2011 NCAA Dunk Contest will see it.

A few days ago, Jacob Tucker, a 5'11 guard from tiny Illinois College posted a video of some impressive dunks in hopes that he would score an invite to the upcoming NCAA Dunk Contest which traditionally occurs every year during the Final Four (video embedded below).  Tucker's campaign spawned a Facebook Group, which was picked up by Deadspin, and even led  to some ESPN love. His highlight dunk video has over 2.2 million views.

Challenge Accepted!  Miner Fans, I believe we can do better and while I hope Tucker makes the field, here's hoping videos like the one above will get RC3 into the NCAA Dunk Contest too.

Tuckers Dunk Video: