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What's Next? Selection Sunday Open Thread

Yesterday was as difficult a loss I can remember in UTEP hoops history. We'll look back at the Memphis loss in more detail later. For now, the question of the day is where will the UTEP Miners play next? The Miners RPI has slipped to #59 in the nation. UTEP's strength of schedule currently sits at 98th most difficult in the nation. While a 25-9 record overall and an 11-5 record in the nations 8th toughest conference would usually place a team squarely on the bubble, several factors leave the Miners as more of a longshot than other contenders.

First of all, the Miners are competing with UAB for a bid. UAB's RPI (31) and SOS (77) are both stronger than UTEP's. UAB also has that triple overtime head to head victory over the Miners. You would have to guess that UAB would be first in line among the Conference USA bubble contenders. And, there is simply no way this league gets three bids.

For now, as we wait, here is your Selection Sunday Open Thread.