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Find Your Inner Ferris: Plan Your Escape Now, UTEP & Tulsa Play at 2:00 PM

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Yesterday was a really gread day. First of all, I really enjoyed getting to meet several Miner Rush readers.  It's so cool to put some faces to names.  Within minutes, the UTEP discussion was like a live game thread.  Nothing is better than strong opinions from knowledgeable fans. It was a blast and I really appreciate everybody coming out.

The fun didn't stop at the bar.  First, we were all treated to a major upset as East Carolina played truly inspired ball and knocked off the #1 seed UAB Blazers.  Then, Memphis and Southern Miss battled to the bitter end.  Unfortunaly for USM, they'll have to wait until next year to end the streak.  USM hasn't beat Memphis since January 10, 2004.   After UTEP's inspired win in "The Madhouse on Mesa Street," Tulsa edged Rice.  

So, today we have UTEP vs. Tulsa at 2:00 pm which will be followed by ECU and Memphis at 4:30.  After seeing the abundance of empty seats for yesterdays 5:30 tip off, I'm seriously worried that the crowd today might be half full.  The crowd was absolutely a factor yesterday and helped push the Miners on with constant chants and support.  After the game, Randy Culpepper even went to the first row and shook hands and thanked the fans.  

 I realize its hard to leave work for a hoops game. But, it's Friday.  What people have to realize is that nobody, not even your boss, wants to be working on a Friday that looks like this outside.  Time to bust out the excuse rolodex and prepare to get out of work early.  Here are 3 fibs that might get you out of work a few hours early:

1.  My kids sick.  Always works.  What can your boss say if you tell him the school nurse called and you're kids pushing a fever at 1:30 on a Friday?  To win the Ferris Bueller award here, have a friend call your place of business and pretend to be the school nurse.  Then, let someone in the office hear you while you make a fictional call to a pediatricians office.  Some will say its better to be sick yourself.  That requires acting and symptons that you have to carry the whole day.  In my mind, it's too much of a gamble because you're never as good an actor as you think you are.  

2.  I have to take my wife/husband to the airport:  Look, the key to a jailbreak is just getting out of the office to begin with.  Once you're gone, nobody cares if you come back.  Also, once you're gone on a legitimate errand that usually takes 20-30 minutes, you can fall victim to traffic, flat tires, running out of gas, witnessing an accident, or getting into a fender bender of your own.  For extra credit here, head back at 4:30 and run the clock out on the last 30 minutes of your day.  I'd bet money that once you bailed others followed suit.  Don't forget that by Monday, nobody will even remember you left early or why.  

3.  Boldness (The Truth):  You know your boss better than I do, if he or she is in a good mood on a Friday, strike up a conversation about how you want to go to the game.  Here, the deal will probably be more likely to be sealed if you invite your boss to the game with you.  "Let me buy you a beer and we'll hit the second half."  To really get the boss loving you, take them to lunch and buy.  This is a once in a decade event.  It's worth a try.

Hopefully, your boss doesn't read The Rush...