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Beat ECU: The UTEP Miners at ECU Pirates Open Gamethread

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Go MIners!

No denying the importance of this one, UTEP needs the win tonight to keep pace with the other four C-USA heavyweights (Tulsa, USM, Memphis, and UAB) who are all tied for or a game back for first place in the C-USA.

Quick Links

Perception is Still Good: Doug Smock of the West Virginia Gazette has his C-USA projected standings here. Smock believes Memphis and UTEP will play for the C-USA Title Saturday and that Memphis will knock off UTEP at home.

This League Isn't Done Yet: The Sporting News thinks C-USA is still a two bid league.

"Soft, Soft, Soft" Damning quotes from Julyan Stone on UTEP's (lack of) toughness. I really wanted to do a post on Stone's quotes here before this game but just haven't had time. We'll see how UTEP responds tonight and maybe I won't have to address it too much after ECU. Stone was not pleased at all with UTEP's play in the post.