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Monday Morning Fail: UCF Rocks UTEP 74-68 Post Game Venting Thread

Nine thousand, eight hundred and twenty four Miner fans called in sick, or cut class, or used their day off to go to the Don Haskins Center and see UTEP take on UCF at 11:00 am today.  The problem?  UTEP's hoops team didn't show up until well past noon.  

If you were lucky enough not to watch this game, you might see the final score of 74-68 and think the game might have been competitive.  It wasn't.  UTEP shaved the lead during garbage time when UCF had taken their foot off the gas.  


How bad was UTEP's performance today?  Let's just say Jeff Limberg's announcing work was one of the highlights.  Even UTEP's generally awful in game music selection didn't seem as bad as the stink that was UTEP's first half.

This game didn't just cost UTEP first place in the C-USA standings and the right to control their destiny down the stretch to win back-to-back Conference USA Regular Season Championships.  It might prove to cost UTEP a bye in the first round of the C-USA tournament.  The UTEP Miners have gone from first to fourth in the C-USA in a matter of hours.  

I guess this is why they don't play games on Monday morning.