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Quick Dig: UTEP and UCF are Really Playing a Game on Monday Morning Edition

In The Dig:  Yes,  UTEP and UCF are playing a C-USA Hoops game at 11:00 am on a Monday.  While I have no idea what to expect in terms of crowd attendance (UTEP is having a normal school day) or in game preparation for a Monday morning tip, I'm excited because it's a game to watch nonetheless.  Above, you'll find Tim Floyd's and Randy Culpepper's post UCF press comments made to Wally Sczerbiak.  Here are some quick dame day links:

What about Nachos?  UTEP is hoping to boost attendance attendance for the game by offering a special $9 price for tickets.  Also, fans can get a soda, hot dog, and popcorn for $5.   So, instead of "Noche Latina" we're getting "Discounted Concession Day."  Hopefully, the promotion will help get a crowd to the Don.  I do wonder is UTEP will wear the "Mineros" jerseys they made for the UCF game the first time around.

One Mike Won't Be on the Court:  No idea if Marcus Jordan's dad Michael will be in EP for the game.  I'd guess not, but who knows?  One things for sure, freshman guard Mike Perez won't play against UCF.  It's an ankle injury but doesn't seem too serious.

"No Big Deal"  Tim Floyd told Bill Knight that playing three games in such quick succession won't effect the Miners.

Don't Foul Anybody: Remember how exited I was that UTEP shot 92.3% from the free throw line against Houston?  Get this.  In UCF's 63-58 loss to UAB on Saturday, the Knights shot 94.4% from the line!   

That's it for now.  There WILL  be a game thread today.  I'll try and check in, but I have to well, you know... work!  It's Monday morning!