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Report: The MWC's Craig Thompson Would Lead a Merged Conference

Just a quick note here, but I wanted to post this. Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports filed a report yesterday on the proposed Conference USA and Mountain West Conference merger yesterday. While there are more questions to count right now as to how a 17 team league spanning from Hawaii to Huntington, West Virginia, will work, we do now know that Craig Thompson, not Britton Banowsky, will lead the new league.

Sources have indicated that Craig Thompson, the current commissioner of the Mountain West, would become the commissioner of the new merged league, while Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky would step down.

Thompson was commissioner of the Sun Belt Conference before leaving to take over at the MWC in 1998. Banowsky was able to keep C-USA unscathed from the latest round of conference realignment madness until Houston, SMU, and Central Florida decided to leave earlier this week for the Big East. Banowsky has been rumored to be a candidate for the open Big 12 conference commissioners job. That job is currently held, on an interim basis, by Chuck Neinas.

McMurphy also notes that a vote among the potential member schools on whether to adopt the merger will come as early as next month.

Many thanks to WolfpackNev for the link.