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Arizona State Pulls Offer to SMU's June Jones

This one definitely deserves its own post. Earlier in the day, sources had said that Arizona State University and SMU coach June Jones had reached an agreement for Jones to become the next head coach of the Sun Devils. Sources claimed that the two parties were merely ironing out the details, and an official announcement was expected.

Just about an hour ago, news broke that the two sides had still not reached an agreement, and that the agreement might not be reached. Now, ESPN is reporting that Arizona St. has pulled its offer, and that June Jones WILL NOT be the next head coach at Arizona St.


"The source said Arizona State's explanation was that "it took too long" and the school president was moving on. "...."We had accepted the deal," the source said. "I've never seen anything like this."...."One source said negative reaction from fans and boosters to the selection of Jones prompted the reversal. Arizona State has now negotiated with and ended negotiations with two candidates, including Houston's Kevin Sumlin."