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C-USA Coaching Carousel Insanity! Sumlin, Fedora, & Jones Targeted for BCS Jobs

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The coaching carousel insanity in the C-USA is hitting fever pitch. Reports are changing by the minute. Here is the very latest:

1. Kevin Sumlin

Despite Houston's 49-28 implosion, at home, in the C-USA Championship game, all signs still point to Kevin Sumlin becoming the newest coach at Texas A&M University. First, reports broke yesterday out of Arizona that the Sun Devils have broken off talks with Sumlin. Then, reports surfaced that a deal between Sumlin and Texas A&M was in place for him to be named head coach of the Aggies within 24 hours of the Conference USA Championship Game. Aftter the game, Sumlin denied that a deal was in place with the Aggies. Now, the LA Times is reporting that UCLA's athletic director, Dan Guerrero, flew to Houston to meet with Sumlin this weekend.

The Verdict: You'd have to guess that the former Aggie assistant Sumlin wants to stay in the Houston area and take the A&M job. However, the fan base in College Station already seems to be turning on Sumlin in the wake of the USM beatdown. The fans, it appears, are moving towards a preference for Larry Fedora. Despite that, all signs point to Sumlin going to A&M.

2. Larry Fedora:

While the fickle fans at A&M may be moving to Fedora, the administration seems dead set on Sumlin. ESPN's Joe Schad says the Aggies have listed their candidates as 1) Sumlin, 2) Kirby Smart, 3) Charlies Strong, and then 4) Fedora. Despite that, Fedora's stock is high and his win yesterday only helped that. He has reportedly already turned down the job at Ole Miss, and is quickly becoming a top candidate for jobs with the Kansas Jayhawks and North Carolina Tar Heels.

The Verdict: Fedora turning down Ole Miss and I'm sure a solid paycheck indicates that he might be willing to wait at USM until the right job comes along. Is that job at Kansas where the Jayhawks are the new Baylor of the Big 12? Or at UNC where Butch Davis and company left the school on the NCAA's Top 10 Most Wanted List. While Ole Miss isn't a great job because it is so hard to win in that division, I'd guess it's better than the Kansas and UNC jobs in their current situation. Let's see if the Aggies jump into the Fedora sweepstakes....

3. June Jones:

After ending their pursuit of Sumlin, the Sun Devils now appear to be targeting another C-USA coach, SMU's June Jones. According to reports, Jones spent most of the day yesterday with ASU officials. Jones has no doubt moved SMU out of the C-USA cellar, but he has not exactly lit the world in fire in Dallas. Despite that, he has a great reputation as an offensive minded coach and you'd have to guess his spread system would do well in the wide open Pac 12.

The Verdict: SMU fans can't be happy about this. If Jones really did spend the day yesterday with ASU officials, you'd have to think he's ready to jump ship.