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Just Stop it Karl: Nevada Turns Down Invitation to Rejoin WAC

Well, I guess you can't blame a guy for trying. WAC Commissioner Karl Benson hoped to use the departure of Boise and San Diego State from the Mountain West to lure back Nevada, Fresno State, and Hawaii to his league. It didn't take long for the Nevada Wolf Pack's athletic director, Cary Groth, to say "thanks but no thanks."

"Karl came down the day of the Hawaii game and asked the president (Marc Johnson) and me to reconsider," Groth said, referring to the Nov. 12 game at Mackay Stadium. "And our answer was no, and it’s no still. We made a commitment to the Mountain West. Yes, it’s a different Mountain West, but I have complete faith in what (commissioner) Craig Thompson is trying to do to stabilize the conference. There are a lot of good schools. Plus, I think Nevada and UNLV belong in the same conference."

I guess the opportunity to play Boise State in every sport other than football just wasn't enough of a lure for Nevada. The WAC announced this week that the Broncos and the San Diego State Aztecs will send their non-football sports to the WAC.