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Must See RC3: Relive the Madness of UTEP at UAB (Video)

I have no idea who runs  I do know that all Miner Rusher's owe the site operator a heartfelt thank you for his or her treasure trove of classic UTEP highlights which are available for all to see via the MinersWon YouTube channel.  Earlier today, courtesy of Twitter, I stumbled upon this video showing the tail end of the UTEP and UAB 100-97 thriller.  We know the Miners lost that game.  But the game was an instant Miner classic nonetheless.  

This video has it all, including another all-time classic call by Jon Teicher.   Teicher could make anything exciting, so imagine what he did in this battle.

I'll only say this once.  If you only do one thing today, watch this video.

(Thanks again to MinersWon)