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Let's Hear It: Miner Rush's Draft Blog Poll Ballot

FIre Away!  Final ballot is due Wednesday, so as always, I appreciate any feedback you might have.   It's early on in the year so we're seeing movement even when teams win.  For example, OU beat a good Air Force team, but they've had two close calls now so I bumped them down a bit.  Texas beat Texas Tech on the road, but their offense isn't giving anybody any reason to think they can play with some of the other elite squads out there.   Coming into the season I was weary of two teams the media loved, Virginia Tech and Iowa.  Both have losses now.  

1.  Alabama:  No Brainer.

2. Ohio State:  I'm calling it, Terrel Pryor will have a 3 interception game this season that costs OSU a shot at the BCS MNC game.

3.  Boise State:  Great game this weekend against Jacquizz & Co.

4.  TCU:  Andy Dalton is starting to make me forget his terrible Fiesta Bowl; C-USA fans need SMU to keep it close.

5.  Oregon Ducks:  Crazy offensive firepower.

6.  Oklahoma Sooners:  Why so inconsistent?

7.  Texas Longhorns:  Man, the offense has a ways to go but that defense is fun to watch.

8.  Arkansas Razorbacks:  Ryan Mallett had his first "Heisman" moment Saturday.  Game of the Week is Arky and Bama.

9.  Nebraska:  A quarterback named Martinez?  Who's that good?  Yes and yes.

10.  Florida Gators:  Tennessee isn't good and the Vols hung around too long.

Any comment?  Recommendations?  Let me know.