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When it Rains: Miner Frosh CB Traun Roberson Out for the Season

First, we hear almost immediately after the Houston game that UTEP lost veteran safety Braxton Amy for the season with an ACL injury.  Now, we know that freshman Traun Roberson's first season as a Miner is officially over as well.  

Coach Mike Price announced that Roberson is out for the year at today's media luncheon and he also provided us with more injury notes.

"(Cornerback) Traun Roberson will probably have surgery on his knee and is out for the season too. We'll petition to get that year back. Indications are that it could be an ACL. I don't know if (tight end) Elijah Goldtrap will be back this week. Jonny Moore is laboring a little bit too. He has a bruised groin, so we'd like to see Goldie in there if we can."

Roberson was injured playing special teams where he was starting to make an impact there.  He was the District Champion at DeSoto High School in the 100m dash as a senior there.  Hopefully Traun makes a full, speedy recovery.