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Let's Hear It: Miner Rush's Draft Blog Poll Ballot Week 3

Here's Miner Rush's draft ballot for the SB Nation Blog Poll.  Alabama is the clear cut No. 1 right now.  After the jump, I have a few brief explanations but I'd love to hear any feedback you have.  Am I missing something?  Am I crazy to have Texas at #4 still?  My final ballot is due Wednesday so let me know what needs fixing.


1.  Alabama:  No question the #1 team after dismantling Penn State.

2.  Oklahoma:   Man, did the Sooners look good in tearing apart Florida State.  Christian Ponder won't sniff the Heisman this year and he can thank OU's defense.  I

3.  Ohio State:  Their defense made Jacory Harris look silly.  Terrell Pryor looks like Joe Montana on one throw and then Quincy Carter the next.  His up and down accuracy and decision making is why I have OU ahead right now.

4.  Texas:  UT's stock is dropping because their offense is struggling to adapt to the new run-heavy sets being installed for more balance.  Garrett Gilbert's going to be really good.  I keep UT this high because their defense is downright nasty.  

5.  Boise St.:  The Bronco's win over Va. Tech lost some luster and sadly their only game left against a quality opponent is against an Oregon State team that already lost TCU.  The Bronco's really need to get into a better league.

6.  Oregon:  I know Tennessee has a new coach.  But to go to that stadium and beat the Vols 48-13 is still ridiculously impressive.

7.  TCU:  I'm still not sold on Andy Dalton, but if TCU beats Robert Griffin and Baylor and then SMU I won't have a choice but to take him more seriously.

8.  Arkansas:  They've blown out two cupcakes.  Haven't done anything to drop down.

9.  Florida Gators:  Right now, I'd take Ryan Mallett over John Brantley.  

10.  Nebraska Cornhuskers:  The defense is awesome, but I'm still not buying that offense as good enough to keep pace in the Big 12.

Of Note:

14.  Texas Tech:  The Red Raiders held off SMU and looked good against UNM.  I think they might be able to take Texas to the limit this week in the LBK.

15.  Houston:  The Cougars don't have a pass rush but after the way they ran all over UTEP I don't see them having any problem with a UCLA squad that can't move the ball.

24.  East Carolina:  Can ECU knock Va. Tech down to 0-3?  I think they can.