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The Stat Shack: Examining Where the UTEP Miners Stand Statistically

It's never too early too see what trends are developing for the Miners statistically.  Each week, Miner Rush will post a breakdown (bullet style) of where UTEP stands in team and individual statistics as compared to the rest of the nation and the C-USA.

As the season progresses, we'll see some patterns develop that will shape the narrative that defines the 2010 UTEP Miners.  As more games are played some of these extremes will balance out.  Two things stand out the most, and should concern Miner fans the most.  First, UTEP is dead last in the C-USA in tackles for a loss with only 4 and only has 1 sack all season (Ruben Munoz and Bernard Obi have shared it).  UTEP's defensive line is really struggling out of the gate.  There is some good news, UTEP is moving the ball with the run and pass.  And, punter Ian Campbell has proven to be a diamond in the rough.

Team Stats & Rankings

Special Teams

  • 23:  The Miners are ranked 23rd in the nation (3rd in the C-USA) in kickoff returns with a healthy 25.6 return average.  Marlon McClure has six returns for 165 yards to lead the way for the Miners. 
  • 32:  The Miners are 32nd in the nation in Net Punting.  Ian Campbell has been stellar with a 43.4 yard net punting average (5th in the league).  
  • 22:  The UTEP passing attack is off to another stellar start.   The Miners are ranked 22nd in the nation in passing offense with 284.5 passing yards per game.  (4th in the C-USA)
  • 55:  UTEP is ranked 55th in the nation in rushing yards with a healthy 167 yards per game.  Obviously, the Miners have leaned on the pass more with Donald Buckram out of the picture but its worth noting that the offensive line is paving the way for 5.48 yards per rush.  UTEP is ranked 5th in the C-USA in passing offense.
  • 28th:  Speaking of the offensive line, Alex Solot, Anthony McNac, and Co. have only given up 1 sack this season.  That's incredible and good for 28th best in the NCAA.  
  • 66:  Trevor Vittatoe and company have the 66th best scoring offense in the country with a 27.5 ppg average (5th in the C-USA).  
  • TOTAL OFFENSE:  The Miners are ranked 27th in the country with 451.5 yards per game (4th in the C-USA).
  • 102:  Two games in the Miners defense is ranked 102nd in the nation against the pass.  UTEP is giving up 275 yards per game so far.  Case Keenum, obviously, can have that effect.  UTEP is ranked 8th in the C-USA against the pass.
  • 3:  Interceptions by the UTEP secondary so far.  Good for 3rd in the C-USA.
  • 95:  The Miners defense has been terrible against the run giving up an incredible 192 yards per game (obviously the Bryce Beall/ Michael Hayes show effects that).  UTEP is ranked 11th in the C-USA against the run only ahead of Marshall who has played Ohio State and West Virginia to open the season.
  • 100:  UTEP is ranked 100th in the country in scoring defense by giving up 32 points per game.  That's 7th in the league.
  • 1:  UTEP's defense has one sack this season.  One. (Tied for 10th in C-USA)
  • 4:   UTEP's defense has 4 tackles for a loss this season.  That's dead last in the C-USA.
  • TOTAL DEFENSE:  UTEP is ranked 108th in the country in total defense and is giving up 467 yards per game so far (9th in the C-USA)

Individual Player Stats & Rankings

  • Joe Banyard:  Banyard is averaging 65.5 yards per game (90th in the NCAA; 8th in the C-USA)
  • Vernon Frazier:  Frazier is right on Banyards heels with 61.5 ypg (10th in the C-USA)
  • Trevor Vittatoe:  TV is ranked 17th in the NCAA in total offense with 298 ypg.
  • Kris Adams:  Kris is off to a hot start and is ranked 82nd in the nation in receptions per game (4.5) and 45th in the NCAA in yards per game (81.0)
Those are the numbers.  Comments?