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UTEP's Donald Buckram Injures Knee at Practice; Undergoing MRI

Mike Price:  "It looks like the injury is not serious at this point."

Miner fans across the country didn't want to believe it when we heard it.  Donald Buckram carted off the practice field?  Possible knee injury?  Is this a nightmare?  What day is it?

Nobody knows the severity of the injury yet, so no reason to immediately panic or hit the red button on UTEP's 2010 football season before a single down is played in a game.  What we do know is that Buckram will have an MRI tonight and UTEP will have the results tomorrow.  

Bret Bloomquist just posted an update on his blog on the injury.  Bloomquist cautions the Miner Nation to resist the immediate need to ask, "How did the coaches let this happen?"  He writes:

This was just a fluke happenstance, something that occasionally happens even in a non-tackling drill. The drill Buckram was participating in was the type of work any tailback needs to go through to get ready to play a game, the type of drill every player in America does many times on a typical Wednesday practice.

Head Coach told MI "We're kind of in no man's land.  He added "it looks like the injury is not serious at this point." 

If the big man says it's not serious, I'm going with that and pleading ignorance until more facts become available.   Right now all we can do is hold our breath and pray for good news tomorrow.