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Miner Strong: Get Pump'd For Fall Camp with Malpractice's Newest Release

Sal Montes, aka Malpractice, helps the Miner Nation get pump'd for Gameday with his UTEP themed music.
Sal Montes, aka Malpractice, helps the Miner Nation get pump'd for Gameday with his UTEP themed music.

I'm constantly sent links to articles, media information, videos and other web gems related to UTEP.  More and more I realize how amazing the El Paso community can be by finding new, unique ways to support the team and enhance the overall sense of community around the squad.  From excellent, groundbreaking student run initiatives like Borderzine to the Paydirt Podcast, I've never been more confident about the future of the community.  Then, I stumble upon something like this, and I realize that despite my enthusiasm, I might actually be selling the EP community short. 

By day, Sal Montes is a local kid, a student at EPCC studying Arts, Radio & Television Broadcasting hoping to transfer to UTEP in the future.  By night, Sal is better known as Malpractice (link to his MySpace site here), a local rapper and producer known for writing original songs about the UTEP Miners.  This year, Malpractice has been inspired by UTEP's Be Miner Strong Campaign, and composed a new song that is tailor made to fire you up for the coming football season.  Mike Price himself appreciates Malpractice's work and the UTEP athletic department has played his songs at events.  

Trust me, you want to listen to his newest song, Miner Strong.  Really, there's no better way to get amped up for fall camp.

Click Below for Audio

Miner Strong


Malpractice was nice enough to answer some questions too:

1.  What's your name?  If you go by a stage name, what is it?  Malpractice?

My name is Sal Montes but people call me MAL or the old name Malpractice. 
Changed the name just because I felt that people were confusing me with the Redman
album or other rock bands with that name. 

2.  When did you start rapping and producing?

I started rapping in the 4th grade but I didn't really start taking action with it until I was on
summer break from 5th to 6th grade..and I guess I just used to take more action little
by little. I started producing around the 8th grade.

3.  I read that Coach Price personally likes your songs.  What has he told you about them?  You think Miner Strong will end up on his iPod?

Haha Coach Price is awesome, he's a great person, not just a great coach. I remember showing him the first song at a practice and he told (then) WR Johnnie Lee Higgins 
"Hey Johnnie..come check this out!" I hope it does end up on his's on mine! lol

4.  Are you a UTEP student?  Past or current?  If so, what are you studying?

Not yet, I would like to transfer to UTEP in a couple years after my basics. I'm currently a
student at EPCC. My major is Associate of Arts: Radio & Television Broadcasting.

5.  Do you have a website with your music that I can link to to direct Miner fans to more of your music?  Is your stuff available for purchase or download on iTunes?

I don't have a website but people can check my music at I have about 6 songs on there I just updated Miner Strong on there. iTunes, I don't have any songs on there but you can hear the Miner Strong instrumental on the podcasts
done by Craig Evans (Kyyote) and Robert Guerra.

6.  Does the athletic department play your music on game days?

They do actually, but what is most surprising to me is that they not only play it on game days, but they also use it for New Student Orientation and I just found out that they used on of the previous football songs "We The Miners" for a mascot contest and Paydirt Pete  won!

7.  Have you received any feedback from some of the players on the football squad?

Oh yea, me and some of the players are real cool and I always show up to some practices and see them after the games. They really enjoy it that somebody takes the time out to
represent them and the team. What's up to Russell Carr, Joe Banyard, JT, J.Williams, Buck, Evan Davis, Ro (from mo city to yo city haha), Braxton Amy, Wiston, Jeremy Springer, there's alot of players that always take time out to say what's up and hang out.

8.  Any chance at a basketball tune?  What's next?

I've been thinking about it, I get asked that question a lot. I'd like too.

9. The lyrics are incredible, from taking subtle jabs at Memphis and NMSU to celebrating some Miner greats like Donald Buckram. Do you write the lyrics too?  Are you the vocalist?

Haha I appreciate that. I had to take those stabs, it's what makes the song exciting and interesting. And to answer your question, I do everything from the production of the instrumental, the lyrics, recording, engineering and the release of the record. 


Thanks again, Malpractice!  Please keep the Rush informed on your future work.