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CHAOS: "Mega Conference" Merger? Houston Cougars to the Mountain West?

Chaos.  That's the only real way to describe what's happening right now.  Still, no concrete reports, just a rapidly increasing amount of movement between Conference USA and the Mountain West Conference.  

The Memphis Commercial Appeal's Dan Wolken is hearing more chatter related to a "mega-conference" merger.  

Two sources directly involved with C-USA/MWC situations: Momentum tracking toward some sort of mega-conference merger.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Minutes before Wolken's tweet,  we saw a sign of solidarity (how rare is that?) between the C-USA and the Mountain West when the two leagues released near simultaneous press releases confirming a Thursday meeting in Colorado Springs.  Minutes after that, rumors of Houston defecting to the Mountain West Conference started picking up steam.  

First, Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports tweeted this:

Seeing reports that Houston is going to MWC.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Now, the Houston Rivals site that just yesterday reported the possibility of the merger is reporting that the Cougars may be off to the MWC.

Is it possible that Houston is leaving to the MWC to, along with BYU or someone else, make a 12 team league? That seems unlikely to me if only because we just saw that the C-USA and MWC are negotiating on a deal.  Is it possible that TCU or someone else might move to the C-USA side and Houston might move over to the MWC side? That doesn't make sense to me either.  If Houston moves, I feel it has to be part of some sort of large scale agreement.  Is it a "Mega-Conference Merger" that Wolken's sources alluded to? 

Time will tell.

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