MORE INSANITY: C-USA & MWC Possibly Forming a 20 Team Super Conference? (Houston Rivals)


First, this was discussed by Redhawk, Miner Mike and others in the comments here, but now Houston's Rivals site,, is now discussing it. It this possible? I think its only natural for the two leagues to consider it. I figured the C-USA would make a move for the MWC castoffs, but this may have been the plan of attack. The Question is, with the MWC now at 11 teams (with BYU) and the C-USA at 12, who gets into the new league? UTEP is a natural geographic fit that has history with the Texas schools and the old WAC schools. You'd figure the teams furthest East would be cut out- but this is probably all just crazy talk anyway, right? CBS Sports Dennis Dodd also adds that he "knows for a fact that UTEP doesn't want to lean West for it's fans sake. It likes being in the Mountain and Central Time Zone." Under the "Super" scenario, the Miners of course would stay aligned with Houston, Rice, etc.

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