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Traffic Stop: LeBron James "Decision" Mania Edition


Let's face it, is's a slow time of the year in sports coverage. Today, the big story in sports is Lebron James. Personally, I don't care where he ends up, but I guess I'd prefer if he left Cleveland if only because of the fact that it would be the cruelest hour of TV I've ever seen. I figure the least I can do is direct Miner fans to the best places to get their King James updates.

For the latest LBJ news, check out his SBN player page and here is the link to the SBN Story Stream with the latest updates.

If you want to get a sense of the fan perspective from the leaders in the LBJ derby, here you go:

1. Fear the Sword (Cleveland Cavaliers)

2. Peninsula is Mightier (Miami Heat)

3. Blog a Bull (Da Bulls)

4. Posting & Toasting (New York Knicks)