NCAA reveals new tournament format


The NCAA has revealed the new format for the men's basketball tournament beginning in 2011. This new first round will be called "The First Four" and will pit the final four at large teams against the final four auto qualifiers. This round will take place the Tuesday or Wednesday after selection Sunday. The newly named 64 team "second round" will begin Thursday with the rest of the tournament remaining the same. Just a thought...this new format really puts at large teams at a disadvantage. Being given an at large bid shows a good body of work, and this first round is no place for a team that deserves to be in the tourney. It will now only make the road harder for many teams. If this format had begun this year, UTEP would have found themselves in this new play in round, despite its top 25 ranking the week of selection Sunday and a 17 game winning streak. Hardly sounds fair.

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