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The Hardwood: UTEP Basketball Team Loses a Scholarship; USC Infractions Report Out Tomorrow

Big news for the UTEP Miners basketball team.  No time for a full post right now, but here are the key things Miner fans need to know right now.

More after the jump.

  • More Miner APR News:  The report also sanctioned the loss of 0.95% of a scholarship against the Indoor Women's Track Team- I have no idea what happens to the other 0.05%). On the positive side, the Men's Cross Country and Golf teams did very well and earned "Public Recognition Awards."

According to the NCAA, the APR, or Annual Performance Review is designed to measure academic performance of member institutions by examining:

  • The APR provides a real-time "snapshot" of a team’s academic success each semester by looking at current academic progress of every student-athlete.
  • The APR includes eligibility, retention, and graduation as factors in the rate calculation and provides a much clearer picture of the current academic culture in each sport.
  • The GSR looks back at historical academic success by measuring graduation of all student-athletes, including transfer students and students who leave campus in good academic standing.
  • The federal graduation rate does not account for transfer student-athletes. 

The key is eligibility and retention of student athletes.  Each D-1 team calculates its APR by based on eligibility and retention of scholarship student athletes.