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The Dig: Cheering for Derrick Caracter on 2010 NBA Draft Day

Some people might say that DC used UTEP for a single year designed at giving him a shot in the NBA.  Others might say we used Derrick Caracter, knowing he was a likely one year deal, to help us get in the NCAA Tournament.  Well, I guess we both won.  In The Dig.



The UTEP Miners

It's been a very long time since UTEP fans have had any reason to watch the NBA Draft.  How long?  15 years.  Yes, it's been 15 years since George Banks was drafted by the Miami Heat.  UTEP needs DC in the NBA?  Why?  It will only help Tim Floyd recruit the very best out there if he can point to the big man and show 18 year old athletes that UTEP can be an avenue to the league.  Tim Hardaway was a long time ago...  Kid's need to be able to see someone on TNT.

An Oldie but a GoodieThis New York Times profile on Pete Thamel is essential Derrick Caracter reading.

"If I could do it all over again? Maybe pray that David Stern didn’t change the rule about high school kids entering the draft," said Caracter, referring to the N.B.A. commissioner. "Some guys just aren’t built for college."


The ProfileDraftExpress has a great prospect profile for DC.


ESPN Dallas:  Jeff Caplan wants to know if the Mavericks can help the DC turnaround complete.  Caplan thinks DC is the next Big Baby Glen Davis.  I think he's the next Dajuan Blair.


Staying in the SouthwestA Phoenix Suns site wants DC to be there in the 2nd round.

In fact, before he transferred from Louisville to UTEP, coach Rick Pitino called Caracter the best low-post player he’d ever coached, which says a lot from a coach with that much mileage.

Finally, here are some great Derrick Caracter highlights from his only year in El Paso.  Best of luck tonight, DC.


Well Played, Sir.:  Conquest Chronicles is the SBNation site for USC (The Rush for USC fans) and one of their writers has an awesome article on Tim Floyd's alleged $1,000 handshake.

So these allegations against Floyd would appear to be baseless based on the NCAA not even discussing it in their report and that is telling given the NCAA's apparent low evidentiary threshold that we have all seen them use in their report.


A Must Read:  El Paso, Inc. comes through in the clutch with another solid column. This time, Ray Sanchez gives us the story of a teen in Canada who was so mesmerized by the story of the 1966 team, he entered an essay contest with a piece on the team.  I don't want to spoil it, so I'll just say read this story.

Adding it to the Blog Roll:  Another essential link for El Paso football fans.  Want to see how the old high school is doing?  Check out  Great site covering EP High school football.



The Houston Cougars

PWN'd:  Houston's Marcus McGraw was selected to the Bronco Nagurski Watch List.  yes, the same Marcus McGraw that Miner right tackle Alex Solot abused.  Check the highlights in the Rush's o-line preview


The SMU Mustangs

Winning Cures All:  This isn't good for the rest of C-USA.  It just isn't.  SMU is raking in the dough at a phenomenal rate for their athletics program.  Their AD raised $5 million this year alone, a new record.

Putting it to Use:  SMU is spending some money on a masssive, and I mean massive, new video screen for Gerald J. Ford Stadium.

The Southern Miss. Golden Eagles

Twice the Fun:  USM had two players make national award watch listsAnthony Gray made the Outland Trophy Watch List.  Korey WIlliams joins Houston's Marcus Mcgraw on the Nagurski list.


The East Carolina Pirates

I'm Not Buyin' It:  One writer thinks that ECU is a better fit for a BCS league than UCF or Memphis.  Why?  Because ECU wins in football.  If realignment taught us anything it's that winning doesn't matter.  it's about money.

But that’s where the similarities end. Because when the two meet between the hashes, the Pirates thoroughly outman their southern-most Conference USA cousins. ECU owns an 8-1 series advantage against the Knights. Ditto for Memphis. Though the Tigers like to fancy themselves as the cream of the potential Big East expansion crop, they lose 67% of the time they face the Pirates on the gridiron.

Texas Tech East:  Ruffin McNeill, ECU's new coach, just held his first camps.


The Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Uzohn't Know Jack:  Ben Uzoh, Tulsa's guard is willing to move to point guard if it means that he'll hear his name called tonight.  The Sacramento Kings have worked him out twice.

"I want to be a point guard," Uzoh said. "I want to make decisions and put guys in the right spot." Uzoh would be a player the Kings might consider in the second round at No. 33. Uzoh believes through all his workouts and play at the Portsmouth (Va.) Invitational, a showcase for top college players, that he's done enough to warrant being selected.


The UAB Blazers

Great for UAB:  The guy won the U.S. Open, Graeme McDowell, is a UAB Blazer.  Really,  He played his college golf there.

Not Great for UAB:  Remember the Justin Knox saga?  The Alabama center was dying to transfer to UAB.  Alabama wouldn't let him even though they don't play each other and UAB is in a different conference.  Now, another Alabama baller, Demetrius Jemison wants to transfer, wants to go to UAB, but won't even try because he doesn't want to go through a whole public mess about it. 

The kid's from Birmingham!  He wants to go home and play in a different league.  Alabama is unbelievable petty.  UAB, even with Mike Davis, still has the best basketball program in that state.  Yeah, I know you're there too, Tony Barbee.

Jemison's a smart man. He can read the handwriting on the wall, even if it isn't actually written down there or anywhere else. He decided not to deal with the fallout that a possible move from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham was sure to bring. ``I don’t know if UAB was on the table, but I chose to go elsewhere,’’ Jemison said. ``With Justin’s situation, I didn’t want to get into anything negative. I want to walk away peacefully. ``Even though UAB is a great situation, I chose to get away.’’