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The Rushies: Best C-USA Dunk

The Final Rushie fittingly comes just after Tony Barbee decided to leave UTEP for Auburn. It's time to close the book on last season and start looking forward...

Sadly, since so few C-USA games are televised nationally, it's incredibly difficult to find quality video's of the league's best dunks. Randy Culpepper should have a shrine on YouTube, but when you're on tv once or twice a year it makes it very hard for fans to grab videos of the best dunks of the year. Nonetheless, I've found three impressive dunks for your consideration. If you have video of some of Culpepper's dunks, please FanShot it so it can be preserved here in the archives.

The Candidates (In No Particular Order)

1. Memphis' Elliot Williams 360 vs. Oakland.

2. Randy Culpepper's Dunk Against Marshall.

3. Justin Hurtt's Poster Against Rice. Sadly, this video doesn't do the dunk justice. This dunk was absolutely disgusting from the proper angle.

Note: next year, this will be the Randy Culpepper Best Dunk Award. but it seems wrong to name an award after a current player.