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Stumbling Herd: Miners Ride Culpepper and Caracter to First Ever Out-Right C-USA Title


I thought we'd see a dog fight and we did.  The UTEP Miners escaped Marshall with an 80-76 win and clinched their first-ever sole C-USA Regular Season Championship. Randy Culpepper had 32 points and hit two huge free throws to seal the deal with 3.9 seconds left.  Derrick Caracter showed the NBA scouts in attendance that he can be a dominant scorer and defender.  Caracter was literally a one-man offensive machine for the last eight minutes of the game and he finished with 18 points.  He was limited by foul trouble, but in the end, he absolutely made Hassan Whiteside think twice about going pro after his freshman season.


Full analysis comes later.  For now, use this thread to discuss the game!