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Miner Rush's Blogger Award Ballot

The guys at Bull Run are compiling votes from each of the various SBNation blogs for the end of season college football awards.  I thought it would be fun to participate and to open up a post for Miner fans to voice who they feel should win the various national awards.  Man, we're going to miss football season...  

Heisman - Most Outstanding Player 

1. Cam Newton (Auburn)- no doubt the best player even if he cost a fortune.

2.  Andrew Luck (Stanford)

3.  Kellen Moore (Boise State)- not his fault Brotzman missed that field goal.

Coach Of The Year Award

1.  That crazy grass eating sumgun- the Mad Hatter-  Les Miles (LSU)

2.  Chip Kelly (Oregon)

3.  Gary Patterson (TCU)

Bednarik Award - Most Outstanding Defensive Player 

1.  Nick Fairley (Auburn)

2.  DaQuan Bowers (Clemson)

3.  Luke Kuechly (Boston College)


O'Brien Award - Most Outstanding Quarterback 

1.   Ryan Mallett (Arkansas)

2.   Andrew Luck (Stanford)

3.  Kellen Moore (Boise State)

Walker Award - Most Outstanding Running Back 

1. LaMichael James (Oregon)

2. Kendall Hunter (Oklahoma State)

3. Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina)

Biletnikoff Award - Best Wide Receiver 

1. Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma State- dude's ridiculous)

2. Titus Young (Boise State)

3. Ryan Broyles (Oklahoma)

Mackey Award - Most Outstanding Tight End 

1. DJ Williams (Arkansas)

2. Michael Egnew (Missouri)

3. Lance Kendricks (Wisconsin)

Outland Trophy - Best interior Lineman 

1.   Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin)

2.   Vinny Curry (Marshall)

3.   Rodney Hudson (Florida State)

Hendricks Award - Most Outstanding Defensive End 

1. DaQuan Bowers (Clemson)

2. Sam Acho (Texas)

3. Bruce Miller (UCF)

Jim Thorpe Award - Most Outstanding Defensive Back 

1. Prince Amakumara (Nebraska)

2. Robert Lester (Alabama)

3. Tejay Johnson (TCU)

Butkus Award - Most Outstanding Linebacker

1.   Von Miller (A&M)

2.   Luke Kuechly (Boston College)

2.   Jeremy Beal (OU)

Groza Award - Best Kicker 

1.  Danny Hrapman (Southern Miss)- This dude is automatic (26/30)

2.  Josh Jasper (LSU)

3.   Chris Hazley (Virginia Tech)

Ray Guy Award - Best Punter 

1.  Kyle Martens (Rice)

2.  Tyler Campbell (Mississippi)

3.  Chas Henry (Florida)