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Sun Bowl on Verge of Dream Notre Dame vs. Miami Matchup

Catholics vs. Convicts?  What a whirlwind of a week for the Sun Bowl.  Just last week it looked like the Sun Bowl could pit the most undesirable matchup in recent memory in a Maryland vs. Toledo game.  But, yesterday's perfect storm of college football games has the Sun Bowl on the verge of a dream matchup between two old rivals; Notre Dame and Miami. 

Basically, here's what went down but I highly recommend you check out Bill Knights article that really hammers out where the Sun stands in terms of landing Notre Dame.  UConn's last second win over South Florida last night secured the Big East Championship for the Huskies.  That means 9-3 West Virginia, a team with a far superior on field body of work as compared to the Irish, are now available for the Champs Sports Bowl.  If the Champs passes on Notre Dame and takes West Virginia (which is what is expected to happen), then the Sun Bowl will grab Brian Kelly's Irish.

Just about 20 minutes ago, at 9:22 am MST, ESPN Chicago reported that Notre Dame is "likely" headed to the Sun Bowl.  So, as Knight noted, all eyes are now on the Champs Sports Bowl.