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UTEP and El Paso Going All Out to Kick Off the 2010 Basketball Season

One if our biggest dreams appears to have come true.  The star on the mountain will be lit up orange, among other things, as UTEP and the city of El Paso are planning to paint El Paso orange with a mass marketing blitz unlike anything the town has ever seen.  The city will pass a resolution renaming the town "Miner Orangeville" as part of the campaign.  Miner Orangeville?  I'm not crazy about the name- but it's still a great idea.

Here's the video of the press conference.

According to KVIA, the blitz will include:

The following actions will also be taken coinciding with the theme of "Orange-Out Week":
-The Star on the Mountain will be orange for the week of Nov. 8
-Paul Foster will turn the flame on the Blue Flame Building orange and will illuminate the Mills Building and Center Building orange on Nov. 12
-The Plaza Theatre will be illuminated orange on Nov. 12
-City Council members will be wearing orange at their Nov. 9 meeting
-The El Paso Times will have an orange nameplate on Nov. 12 as well as an orange insert for fans to take to the game
-Howdy's will be selling 5,000 limited edition Miner Orangeville T-shirts for $5
-Local broadcast media will have their anchors wear orange and color their logos and websites orange
-Hope & Anchor (4012 N. Mesa) will be mixing up two special orange drinks -- the Minerita and the Miner Bomb -- the week of Nov. 8. The Hope & Anchor whales will also glow orange
-The exterior lights at the Don Haskins Center will be orange on Nov. 12
-Many local businesses and organizations are having their employees wear orange on Nov. 12
-El Paso Electric will give out 10,000 "Miner Orangeville" static car stickers
-The Wells Fargo building will be lit appropriately in UTEP fashion
-15-foot thermoplast pickaxes will be placed in the pavement at prominent intersections, including:


Sun Bowl and Mesa
Glory Road and Mesa
Glory Road and Oregon
University and Mesa
Sun Bowl and Schuster


Credit UTEP for thinking outside the box here.   This is a great way to generate excitement among the community and to kick off the Tim Floyd era in style.