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The Rushies Are Coming: Need Your Help

Football season is winding down and that can only mean one thing:  The Rushies.  For those of you who weren't around when basketball season ended last season, we took a week to vote on one  award per day.  These aren't traditional awards, in fact I want them to be unique to this site.  For example, we gave out the "Danny Ainge Most Hated Rival Player Award" in basketball (congrats Houston's Kelvin Lewis).

So, starting next Monday (after the C-USA Title game), the Rushies will kick off.  What I need is your help coming up with the categories.  I'd like to have one a day but there's no real limit- we make the rules- so if there are six funny ones we can make them all get a vote.  The categories can be Miner specific (say best UTEP defender) or conference wide.  

Here are some ideas I'm kicking around so far:

1.  Most Hated Opposing Player- Someone we just don't like.

2.  The David Lee Award for Worst C-USA Coach

3.  The Best C-USA Coach- any idea for a name for this one?  

4.  Story of the Year

5.  Best/Worst C-USA Game of the Year

6.  The C-USA Most Valuable Player Award- The Guy I hope we never see again award

7.  The Most Disappointing Season Award

8.  The Mystery Guest Award (Best player that gets no recognition in the C-USA)

9.  Best/Worst C-USA Fanbase & Gameday Experience

10.   ??????

Any suggestions?  Let me know if any of these aren't any good or which ones you really want to vote on.  If you'd rather not comment, feel free to email me at or via twitter.  Also if you instantly know a player or coach that should be nominated for any of these categories or your own category, let me know about it.  

On Monday, I'll post the schedule for the week and the first category.