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The Battle of 1-10: Three Highlight Clips to Get the Miner Nation Ready for NMSU

I'm not opposed to boosting great ideas and the fellas at ABC affiliate KVIA had a good one today. KVIA decided to link to some awesome video highlights of past UTEP and NMSU games. So, they get the credit, but Miner fans get the reward of reliving some great Miner/Aggie moments from years past on the hardwood. Here's the Link to the KVIA site where they have linked to more than the three video's I've embedded below.

1. These Teams Don't Like Each Other & The Foul on Juden Smith Proves That

2. UTEP and NMSU in the 1995 NIT

Yes, UTEP and the Aggies met in the NIT that season. Sadly, the Aggies bested the Miners but denying this is a chapter in the story of the rivalry.

3. Randy Culpepper Frings the House Down Against NMSU

Just watch this. Then go try and get tickets for tonight because there are only so many chances to see a dunker like this.