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Miner Rush Welcomes Asalom to the Team

I'm so excited to announce that user asalom has agreed to come on and start writing as a site author here.  Asalom has already made his debut, HERE, but I wanted to express to everybody else in the community how exciting this is.  The realities of work and life make it impossible for me to keep this site updated 24/7 (as you've surely noticed by the lack of posting this week).

More importantly, Miner Rush isn't about me.  It's about building a community of Miner fans who love talking all things UTEP athletics.  Adding asalom as an author will help the site stay current and will help provide everyone with different perspective on the topic of the day.  I've been impressed with asaloms prior FanShots and comments and I'm ecstatic that he agreed to come aboard here and contribute.  

So, check out asalom's first post (many of you already have) and give him a hearty welcome.  This site just got a lot better.  And we continue to build the Miner Nation.

In other site news, C-USA Power Rankings will be up Friday morning as full posting should start to resume Thursday night leading into the weekend.