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A Tough Sell: Watch Mike Price's Monday Press Conference Live (12:00 pm MST)

Who made the call to spike it on third and 19?  How was the same error made at the end of both halves?  What made you think the field goal was tipped?  Why an out pattern on the two point conversion and not a fade or something to the back of the end zone?  What's gotten into Trevor Vittatoe?

I can't guarantee all these questions will be asked.  I can guarantee it will be good television nonetheless.  Watch the Mike Price press conference here live.  Thanks again, as always, to Duke Keith of That Will Do for providing the Miner Nation with a live stream of Coach Mike Price's press conference.  

If you miss the live stream, I will embed full video as soon as it becomes available.

[Note by Adrian Mac, 11/01/10 1:38 PM CDT ]  UPDATE:  The Press conference is over; full video will be uploaded when it becomes available.