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The 10 Peso Version: More UTEP Miner Links as Homecoming Draws Near

No Time for a Full Dig Right now but there are too many good links to not get them out.  So, in honor of one of the funniest movies ever, The Three Amigos, I give you the The 10 Peso Version formerly known as A Mini Dig.  


And Here We Go:  'Must Read TV;"  Bret Bloomquist has another feature up on Trevor VIttatoe, whose already been featured in the San Antonio Express News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, and Hattiesburg American this week.....Mike Price was very pleased with UTEP's efforts at Wednesday's Practice.......Students at NMSU are trying a very interesting strategy to get the Aggies to play better football.......The Las Cruces Sun News has more on the historically awful state of New Mexico collegiate football......  EDSBS has a hilarious Les Miles GIF .....  The Dallas Morning News has a UTEP & Rice game preview and thinks UTEP's rushing game has been just fine without Donald Buckram.........  Neil Callaway's UAB Blazers got abused by UCF on national television......  Former Miner, and Florida State transfer, Fred Rouse has landed at a small college in Selma, Alabama; sad story here....  Olympic Gold Medal softball pitcher Cat Osterman took it to the UTEP softball team.....  Attention Teachers!  The UTEP athletic department is starting a pen pal program, click here to submit your class for consideration!.....  Former Miner Derrick Caracter has a sprained ankle.......   The Rice passing defense has allowed 22 pass plays of 20 yards or more, did you hear that Kris Adams?...........Well, that's it for now!