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Let's Hear It: Miner Rush's Week 5 Blog Poll Ballot is Ready

There's been a lot of movement in my ballot.  I rank teams based on past results and based on who I think would win a head to head game.  For example, I think Alabama, right now, beats everybody in the country.   I think Boise State beats Ohio State and OU on a neutral field right now but I can't see Boise beating Oregon or Alabama.  Of course, things can change.  After the jump, you'll find some more comments on this ballot.

Quick notes:


  • Why did Ohio State drop 2 spots after a win?  Honestly, I've expressed doubts about Terrell Pryor several times this season and I just can't see him winning the MNC.  Alabama, Oregon, and Boise would have destroyed Illinois.  I think OSU is prone to lose one they're not supposed to.
  • TCU?  Down 3?  Again, this comes back to my doubts about a teams quarterback play.  Against a terrible Colorado State team, Andy Dalton went 11/24 for 109 yards with a TD.  I think TCU is really good, #7 good, but as long as Dalton keeps having clunkers like that, and like he did in the Fiesta Bowl, I'll be hesitant to put them in the MNC discussion.
  • Kansas State:  I thought highly of the Wildcats before others did and as they've stayed unbeaten, they've climbed up my ballot ahead of just about everyone else.  I don't see K-State as the 12th best team in the nation right now, but I'm hesitant to drop them until after their game Saturday with Nebraska.  
  • Michigan:  They've been ranked on my ballot for the last few weeks but I am having trouble buying into the Wolverines.  They have a terrible defense and I think someone in the Big 10 will eventually figure out how to put a spy on Denard Robinson- but that's no guarantee.  I think Robinson is exciting, but I honestly don't think he'd be putting up the types of numbers he has in the SEC or Big 12.
  • N.C. State:  just when the Wolfpack were starting to earn the hype I'd been putting out there for them, they go and lost to VIrginia Tech.  They stay in the Top 25, barely, because I simply couldn't figure out who I should replace them with.  Seriously, look at the other contenders:
  • Missouri:  Yes, they're 4-0 but their best win is against Illinois and have played an incredibly week non-conference schedule.
  • Texas A&M:  Jerrod Johnson? What was that?
  • Florida State:  I think Oklahoma just scored on them. Again.
  • West Virginia:  That loss to LSU doesn't look as good as it did last week.
  • Southern Miss:  Honestly, I thought about it because USM's blowout win against Marshall really impressed me.  If they beat ECU this week, they're in.