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UTEP Wideout Donavon Kemp Out for the Season with ACL Injury

Mike Price announced today that junior wide receiver Donavon Kemp will miss the remainder of the 2010 season with a torn acl.  Through seven games, Kemp is UTEP's third leading receiver with 18 catches for 181 yards and two touchdowns.  Kemp is one of only three Miner receivers to have multiple receiving touchdowns this season.  Kemp had a reception in each of UTEP's games this season.

Price described the play where Kemp was injured and described the injury as a "freak accident." On special teams, away from the play, Kemp stepped over an opposing player and landed wrong.  It was simply bad luck.

Price described:

I will say that Donavon Kemp is out for the year with a torn ACL that came on a non-contact move. He just tried to move and jump over the ball on a punt and came down on it. It was just a freak accident. We'll miss him. Most of the (injured) guys are getting x-rays today.

"I've never had to deal with this many injuries. We're careful when it comes to practice. Just like Donavon Kemp, how do you protect against something like a ball going out of bounds and he jumps over it so he doesn't kick it?" 

As a sophomore, Kemp posted 12 catches for 284 yards and four touchdowns.  He seemed destined to eclipse all of those numbers this year.  He had started all seven of UTEP's games this season.

We'll see who steps in and takes Kemp's spot in UTEP's WR rotation.  Aaron Price already rotates in 6-7 receivers in a given game.  More injury updates will be posted as they become available.