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The 10 Peso Version: Counting the Minutes Till Happy Hour

I don't have the plethora of links necessary for a full Dig; so here's what you need to get you through the last few hours of the work week. 


AND HERE WE GO:    Injury Updates; It looks Like Anthony Morrow, Marlon McClure, and Will Osolinsky are back to full speed but Tanner Cullumber and Eloy Atkinson are doubtful for UAB......ESPN's Eamonn Brennan Takes a Look at C-USA Basketball and is intrigued by UTEP......  Speaking of Miner basketball;, Randy Culpepper and company kick off the exhibition season on October 30 against Eastern New Mexico....... Not sure what games to watch tomorrow?  Check out the College Football Buffet.....  Houston just lost a defensive lineman for the season......  The El Paso Times has a nice article up on former Miner softball star Stacie Townsend.....  ESPN has a nice article up on a 'learning moment' for Derrick Caracter; Don't be scared to dominate, DC..........  DIck Vitale thinks UTEP is the 36th best basketball team in the nation.....  Who Needs the AP?  UTEP got some love in the SBNation Blog Poll and it wasn't from me....  

…………Don't forget, the UAB game will be broadcast on Time Warner Channel 24 in El Paso.