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The Dig: UAB Coach Neil Callaway is a Desperate Man Edition

In The Dig:  UAB's head coach Neil Callaway talked all summer about how the time to win at UAB was now, in 2010.  I remarked several times that he was painting himself into a corner by raising expectations.  Now, he says UAB "desperately" needs a win at UTEP to "have the kind of season they want."  Neil, you're 1-4 and your only win is against the Sun Belt's Troy.  It might be time to learn the phrase "No Comment."  The Video Above Comes Courtesy of  Yup, that happened and there's no denying that the tide has turned in Birmingham.


Getting it Started With the UAB Perspective

This is a must win for UAB's Neil Callaway.  He's 12-29 in his first three and a half seasons as the main man in Birmingham.  Here's what the press looks like in Birmingham this week.  At his weekly press conference, Callaway said UAB "desperately" needs to beat UTEP. Is Active

Sure, at first I thought it was just one angry fan.  But, then I read this article by our old friend Steve Irvine at the Birmingham news.

After a 42-7 embarrassment at Central Florida last week in a nationally televised game, head coach Neil Callaway called this week's game against the Miners "a game that we desperately need to win" to turn around the 1-4 Blazers' season.

It gets worse.

Read a message board dedicated to UAB athletics and it's not hard to find how big this week's game is and fans' growing dis enchantment with their head coach. With this year's 1-4 record, Calla way stands at 12-29 overall in three-plus seasons. Some fans are asking for Callaway to be fired. Local radio talk shows have in cluded a series of calls on the subject since the loss to UCF, particularly the follow ing day, and a FireNeilCalla way. com website was launched late last week. The website had a handful of callers during a live call-in show on Sunday to discuss the matter. "I don't hear it a lot," Cal laway said. "I know what's going on here so I don't worry about that kind of stuff. It's not fun, but that's part of the game. If we were 4-1 that wouldn't be a prob lem."

"If we were 4-1, that wouldn't be a problem."  That might be the understatement of the year, Neil.

To get more fan commentary on Neil Callaway, check out the Fire Neil Callaway Facebook page.  He's getting hammered on all fronts.

Even Callaway recognizes that the Osia Lewis 3-3-5 defense was a mistake.

 Last year they were kind of a dial-up blitzing team. They dialed up whatever they wanted and brought them from everywhere. It caused you problems at times, but at other times you were able to take advantage of it. Now they are a lot sounder schemewise. 

Back to the Miners

Hats Off to Trevor Vittatoe

KTSM has some clipped video of Trevor Vittatoe's post game comments.

"It's fun to break records and such, but the best feeling is that we are 5-1 right now, sitting pretty, and the chemistry on the team is really good and we're going in the right direction. I dedicated this to my mom, she's been my motivation for everything that I have done, and I felt really good that I was able to do that and be able to accomplish the things that I have."

TV and Kris Adams are the best deep threat attack in the C-USA

UTEP senior WR Kris Adams is second in the FBS in yards per reception at 24.04 (553 yards on 23 catches).

Here's a link to UTEP AD Bob Stull's new column in El Paso, Inc.


No Clear Frontrunner

The Tulsa Worlds John Klein says that anybody can win the C-USA this year but notes that SMU is the "overwhelming" favorite in the West now.   I don't think SMU's close win over Tulsa gives them that crown yet. 

It could be argued the two best nonconference victories by C-USA teams this fall came over Washington State (SMU) and Kansas (Southern Miss). UCF, believed by some to be the best east division team, has a narrow loss to Kansas State. SMU, the overwhelming favorite now in the West division, has lost to Texas Tech and TCU. The Mustangs did not threaten to win either game.

It's Getting Bad in Memphis

Dan Wolkenjust wrote a column tearing up the state of Memphis Tigers football.

Because six games into a new coaching regime, the dominant story line with this program is not youth or hope or direction. It's a 56-0 loss to Louisville one week after a 48-7 loss to Tulsa, and good luck finding consecutive games in Memphis' entire history that turned out this ugly.

Choke City, Mississippi

USM was everyones darling last week (even mine) and then they went and lost at home to East Carolina.  

But two categories stood out as the biggest problem for USM (4-2, 1-1) as it only converted on 3-of-17 third-down conversions and committed 15 penalties for 153 yards.

Streak Snapped

Mississippi State had no problem snapping Houston's 18 game home winning streak.  Now, UH is facing a quarterback controversy.  For those that missed it, Terrance Broadway was replaced with David Piland this week.  Dustin Rensink at SBNation Houston thinks Houston should play em' both until they figure out who is a better player.