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The Race for #120: New Mexico State Edges UNM in "Pillow Fight of the Week"

This is what pure joy looks like:

Does this game help our strength of schedule?  The thought of that made my heat hurt.  Swasson at was relieved that his Aggies won their instate rivalry.   Perhaps we shouldn't be shocked that the game was sloppy and full of penalties, but he points out some statistical abnormalities fitting of a battle deemed the "Pillow Fight of the Week" by ESPN.

On a day of exciting football across the country, two winless teams provided one of the most entertaining games of the day and one of the most entertaining three point fourth quarters we can ever remember. It wasn't the prettiest football game played, seven combined turnovers, 16 combined penalties for nearly 200 yards. In fact, the Aggies had more penalty yards (75) than passing yards (38) and the Lobos had more penalty yards (115) than net rushing yards (114) but in the end, it was another classic Battle of I-25.

The Lobos had 5 turnovers.  The Aggies won despite having 11 first downs and 38 passing yards.  The Lobos actually led 14-6 until they fumbled the ball in their own end zone and the Aggies recovered.   Well, congrats to the Aggies for getting their first W and a one week reprieve from the ESPN Bottom 10.