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Auburn Basketball Headed in Right Direction?


Auburn Basketball Headed in Right Direction? Does 2nd year Coach Tony Barbee have the Tigers on the right path for rebuilding the program?

Dance Card: UTEP, Conference USA


Who? The Miners of the University of Texas at El Paso. UTEP for short. Texas Western if you just time warped in from Glory Road. What? UTEP was founded as a mining school, and the name reflects...

Miner Memories: UTEP Shocks The Kansas Jayhawks In 1992 Final Minute Highlight


UTEP shocks Kansas. Don Haskins does it again.

Texas-El Paso Basketball On Now


One of the two or three best basketball teams in Texas, the UTEP Miners are on CBS now playing against Tom Pender's Houston Cougars. With John Calipari disciple Tony Barbee manning the opposing...

The View from The Drum and Sundries . . .


If you have not already read the excellent posts from srr50 and Trips Right, then do so now, or I will give HenryJames your IP address which could lead to you being the subject of an ongoing...

Post Mortem: UTEP Miners @ Texas Longhorns


That felt good. Our first complete game in all phases and it's not the score that convinces me of that fact. Compared to last year's team, we're faster, quicker, have an identity on defense, and...

Grading the Defense: UTEP Miners @ Texas Longhorns


Wasn't that fun to watch? By far the most dominant defensive performance of the Mack Brown era, and one in which you would have to be a miserable prick ransomstoddard to find anything to criticize....

A Longhorn's Guide on Miner Fan


Since I hail from the fair city of El Paso, I thought I'd take the liberty of enlightening my Longhorn brethren about the ways of the rare and curious creature that is Miner Fan. First up a little...

Barking Bets: Week 4


I continue to fall farther and farther below the Mendoza line of betting (55%) and it's starting to get to me. After watching the Kentucky Wildcats choke away a cover and suffering two kick...

Mexican Soccer Fan


Look, we all get it deep down at some level regardless of political affiliations. A country that falls into drug trafficking induced choas can't be all that great. Predictably, the nation that...

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