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Scipio Tex - Texas / UCF Post-Mortem Scipio Tex - Aggies @ Canes Liveblogged HenryJames - Texas @ UCF Liveblogged ChrisApplewhite - Texas @ UCF Breakdown BraggonUT - Texas @ UCF - TiVo Film Room

Central Florida: From the TiVo film room


Henry James like the Colt’s hands under his rear In case you haven’t noticed, we like the shotgun formation. Suzanne Halliburton reported in the off-season that last year’s team lined up in the...

Texas Football: UCF Post-Mortem


We're 3-0, haters. I'm told that UCF was a trap game, which is current Mack Brown speak for any game on our schedule that is not Oklahoma or Texas A&M, features something as exotic as a road...

Breakdown: Texas vs. UCF


A terrible win against a mediocre team. Play of the game - Who gives a crap. Player of the Game - UCF's running back. Least Valuable Contribution: Group award, awarded to the Linebackers....

Our Linebackers


. . . have never taken on a block correctly. They have no concept of gap control. They overrun some plays and under run others. They can't tackle. They are too slow laterally to be effective in...

Big East Ready To Offer UCF Full Membership


I'd trust this a lot more coming from Brett McMurphy or Pete Thamel, but Weiss is a big enough name where this could have legs.

The OFD 2010 Bowl Preview Part II- Getting Better


Okay, so that first round of Bowl Games was less than spectacular but there are still 26 contests to go. Let’s hope this next batch of games picks up the pace a little bit. In this installment...

Week 10 National Wrap Up- BCS Busters?


This past weekend was so relaxing that I just rolled right into Monday not having written my weekly wrap up. Fail. The Coach was in town for what we called "fake Thanksgiving" this weekend so I...

Week 10 National Preview- The Little Guys


With the Fighting Irish idle this week my motivation to post has been well below average. Fail. It is now time to get back on the horse and take a look at the other games on tap for this weekend. ...

Week 7 National Wrap Up- That Didn’t Take Long


Exactly one week after sliding into a #1 ranking that was vacated by Alabama, Ohio State ran into some problems of their own in Madison. So it would appear that when the polls start rolling out...

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