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Josh Smith on Mike Bianchi, "In yo' face!"

Josh Smith on Mike Bianchi, "In yo' face!"

Dwight Howard on Staying in Orlando

"Orlando's the most attractive place for me right now," Howard answered, a smile on his face. "They have a sexy new arena, a beautiful franchise, nice banners around here and been in the top four in the Eastern Conference for the past four years. Yes, Orlando's the most attractive place right now." [...] "I don't want to say you have to team up with another great all-star in this league to win a championship. I think it takes a team to win. If you get hot at the right time, it doesn't matter if you've got three all-stars or four. You can still get beat." Josh Robbins reporting for the Orlando Sentinel

Knight Moves: Talking UCF Football With Iliana Limon of the Orlando Sentinel

Iliana Limon of the Orlando Sentinel was nice enough to give Miner and C-USA fans the inside scoop on the 2010 Knights.

Orlando Sentinel: UTEP Checks in at #85

IThe Orlando Sentinel's Illiana Limon has been ranking the nations college football teams. UTEP checks in at #85. Limon has some nice quotes from UTEP head coach Mike Price. Excerpt: "Price said an injury was the biggest turning point of Buckram’s career. Buckram lost weight and muscle mass during track season, but an injury forced him to skip track competition during his sophomore year. As a result, a beefier and brawnier Buckram rushed for 1,594 yards and 18 touchdowns on 259 carries as a junior last season. "He was so tough and could really break tackles like you wouldn’t believe," Price said. "We think he’s going to have a really special senior year."

The Dig: 98 Days Till Miner Football Kicks Off Edition

The Dig returns- moving during bar review is hard! Anyway, this time: The C-USA is making it the smart economic move for it's basketball teams to schedule weak non-con teams, Derrick Caracter making headlines, and some good football notes from around the C-USA landscape. The Dig is your best UTEP and C-USA news round-up.

The Dig: Kicking Off Kelsey Moore Week Edition

The Dig: Kicking off Kelsey Moore Week Edition. Your best Conference USA and UTEP Miners round-up. This time: Rivals has loft expectations for a UTEP trio; Miner volleyball star Kelsey Moore prepares for the Miss USA pageant, Rice baseball coach reads message boards, and Tulsa snags a good recruit from a legendary Oklahoma High School. In The Dig.

Ricky Byers’ Racing for a Cure turns to fan car to get on track at ‘Dega

Ricky Byers’ Racing for a Cure turns to fan car to get on track at ‘Dega

Scorned Orlando Writer/Parade Organizer Calls Tiger Bad Orlando Citizen

Now that Tiger is returning to golf, at least one writer at the Orlando Sentinel thinks that Woods owes the city he calls home. Mike Bianchi penned a column with a titular question: What has Tiger Woods ever done for Orlando?

The Switch is on: Caroline Zhang Edition

Former world junior champ Caroline Zhang is changing skating coaches. She is moving from Li Mingzhu to Charlene Wong, who until recently, coached former US National champ Mirai Nagasu, who made...

Scott Hamilton to be Featured on Today's Oprah

Olympic Gold Medalist (and recent Celebrity Apprentice firee) Scott Hamilton will be featured on today's Oprah Winfrey show, according to TV Guy at the Orlando Sentinel. Oprah's doing a show about...

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