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Whitlock out against FSU


Wish he would be able to play....but certainly is one less thing to have to worry about on Saturday.

And So It Begins, the End of College Football...


Remember where you saw this first in 20 years when college football is extinct. Now mind you I'm no lawyer, but I am fairly certain that if this goes to trial and the judge awards settlement for the player over the school there will be some serious risk management discussions concerning the cost-benefit of having a football team. Smaller schools will go first but eventually, if this sets a precedent, every "walk on" in America will eventually take down even the grandest of houses, Belmont Hall. I hope it doesn't happen but I'm just sayin' this could be the beginning of the end. What do you think?

Super Bowl Aftermath-The Regular Season Is for Suckers


Darren Everson at the Wall Street Journal touches upon a dirty little secret of single-game playoff systems: It doesn't really determine who the best team is, either.

Can't Spell "Scum" Without UM-2011 Edition


A Ponzi scheme that bilked people out of close to $1 billion sent Nevin Shapiro to prison for 20 years. He wanted to cut a deal; prosecutors wanted him to spill about ALL of his shady dealings. So now he's talking to the NCAA about how he provided improper benefits to UM players since 2001. He's naming names, and the NCAA is very interested in what he's got to say. Incidentally, this year also marks the 20th anniversary of UM's gargantuan Pell Grant scandal that caused SI to call for the school to abandon it's football program. Happy anniversary Miami! Edit: Yahoo! Sports broke out the rubber gloves and went full-body-cavity on this scandal. The story was frontpaged, but is added here to keep continuity.

Something Smells Like $#!+ and It's tWWL


Some of you may not read tWWL very often, but I try to read a lot of what Bruce Feldman writes. Apparently, tWWL decided to suspend "review his workload" after Feldman co-authored Mike Leach's book, Swing Your Sword. After a twitterbomb, tWWL decided maybe that was a bad idea. They had also signed off on his agreement to write with Leach. Of note, his twitter feed stopped on Wednesday (a prodigeous tweeter), his weekly Friday mailbag is not posted today, etc. One more reason to question every thing tWWL shovels down our throats.

NFL Draft final Pac 12 numbers.


A look at the numbers from this year's NFL draft paints a disturbing picture of UCLA's place in the Pac 12. We are indeed middle of the pack. However, The fact that Oregon is tied for last tells us there is more to this than just numerical face value. I thought this would make for some interesting discussion around here. USC 9 California 4 Colorado 4 Stanford 4 Arizona 3 Oregon State 3 UCLA 3 Utah 2 Washington 2 Arizona State 1 Oregon 1 Washington State 1

What does it take to win a MNC?


Interesting information about how much Auburn University spent on the Cam Newton legal battle and it is not over yet. I'm sure he'll pay the University back once he signs his over-inflated NFL contract in April. Notice its the same firm representing all these NCAA violations? The NCAA really knows how to take care of their own I guess.

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