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Texas A&M Will Officially Join SEC in 2012


The next obvious question is, who does the SEC get as their 14th member? Mizzou? West Virgnia?

The MWCUSA? Mountain West/Conference USA talk merger, The Mtn. expands coverage - Cowboy Altitude


The Road over at Cowboy Altitude (SBNation's Wyoming Cowboys site) has a nice recap of the latest developments in the MWC/CUSA Merger talks. Among the ideas being discussed: 1. Championship game between top team in MWC and CUSA. Winner goes to a BCS Bowl. 2. Moving members to balance the leagues. UTEP could join the Mountain West and be close to New Mexico. Conference USA could focus on the Eastern half of Texas and the Southeast. Not sure this has a big chance of occurring since the Miners seem pretty happy playing so many other Texas schools. 3. Media Partnerships. Both leagues play some of their games on CBS College Sports. The MWC teams also appear on Versus and it's own network The Mtn. A few CUSA games get picked up by ESPN. 4. Scheduling partnerships for out of conference games. Basketball scheduling could be easier with road trips that hit two or three schools at once.

MWC, C-USA to Take talks to 'Next Level' - SignOnSanDiego.com


Representatives from three MWC schools are meeting with representatives from three C-USA squads to take talks to the "next level." Let's see if the "merger" idea picks up steam in the coming days.

Insanity Revisited: Utah State, MWC in Second Round of Negotiations | The Salt Lake Tribune


No surprise here really, the MWC and C-USA seem content to leave each other's leagues alone for the time being and work on some sort of joint venture. The MWC doesn't have any other school in the West to add. Utah State can't possibly help the league make more money though. I think the C-USA is looking really good right now. Also- Hawaii has approached the Big West about becoming a home for it's non-football sports and is considering going independent in football too.

Conference USA: We are "Exploring Creative Ways to Work Together" With the Mountain West Conference


Both the C-USA and the MWC just released statements confirming that the league's Commissioners met Thursday night in Colorado Spring, Co. Here is the full text of the official statement just released by Conference USA: "The conferences have much in common and have worked cooperatively for many years and we are exploring creative ways to work together going forward. The discussion included scheduling, television, and post-season football. It is premature for anyone to suggest anything else at this point. We have the strong support of our members as we work on a variety of strategic initiatives. We had a good discussion yesterday and likely will have more in the future." UPDATE: The Mountain West also just released a statement via their official blog. Here is is: "Followed up on various media reports regarding a potential Mountain West Conference-Conference USA merger, and confirmed that representatives of both leagues did indeed meet yesterday in Colorado Springs. Included were Commissioner Craig Thompson, Commissioner Britton Banowsky (who have a long-standing personal and professional relationship), and a couple MWC Athletics Directors. The informal gathering, which was previously scheduled, covered a wide range of topics, including concepts regarding television, scheduling and the BCS. Yet another example of the Mountain West's ongoing strategic thinking on a number of fronts, as the league continues to position itself in the national landscape."

MORE INSANITY: C-USA & MWC Possibly Forming a 20 Team Super Conference? (Houston Rivals)


First, this was discussed by Redhawk, Miner Mike and others in the comments here, but now Houston's Rivals site, Cougarsden.com, is now discussing it. It this possible? I think its only natural for the two leagues to consider it. I figured the C-USA would make a move for the MWC castoffs, but this may have been the plan of attack. The Question is, with the MWC now at 11 teams (with BYU) and the C-USA at 12, who gets into the new league? UTEP is a natural geographic fit that has history with the Texas schools and the old WAC schools. You'd figure the teams furthest East would be cut out- but this is probably all just crazy talk anyway, right? CBS Sports Dennis Dodd also adds that he "knows for a fact that UTEP doesn't want to lean West for it's fans sake. It likes being in the Mountain and Central Time Zone." Under the "Super" scenario, the Miners of course would stay aligned with Houston, Rice, etc.

The New WAC: The Nevada Wolfpack Agree to Join the Mountain West Conference


It appears that Nevada never agreed to the proposed $5 million dollar buyout which makes this all possible. What a day in college football. What's next?

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