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The Dig: 24 Hours to Conference USA Tournament Madness Edition


In The Dig: A majority of ESPN's "Experts" think UTEP will come out victorious in the 2011 Conference USA Tournament; The Marshall Players vote for the best in the league; and all the Tourney links...

The Dig: Cheering for Derrick Caracter on 2010 NBA Draft Day


The Dig is your best UTEP and Conference USA news round-up.

The Dig: Wishing UTEP Played Baseball Edition


The Dig: Your best C-USA specific round-up. In this Dig: Elijah Millsap may be saying "adios" to Mike Davis & UAB, Derrick Caracter gets another written beat down on his decision to declare, and...

The Rushies: Worst Coaching Performance


Who did the least with the most?  Whose team never lived up to its potential?  There are three clear front-runners for the inaugural worst coach award.  Sure, it would be easy for me to lay this...

The Daily Dig: And Then There Were Four Edition


El Pasoan's and UTEP fans across the country are going to find it extremely difficult to focus at work this afternoon.  A Friday, with the #21 UTEP Miners playing in the C-USA Semi Final at 2:00...

Upset City: UAB Falls to Southern Miss 58-44


Angelo Johnson and Gary Flowers were too much for Mike Davis' futile Blazers. 44 points? Something told me that USM would finally get past the Blazers (they had two tough losses earlier in the year), but I had no idea that they would get beat like that. Mike Davis: four years in Birmingham and no tournament appearances. Remember when Davis wouldn't make a guarantee to DeMarcus Cousins that he'd stay in Birmingham if he committed? Now, you have to wonder if his seat is warming. Conference USA is now a one bid league unless UTEP loses in the C-USA Tournament. It's a shame. UAB and Memphis were both in excellent positions to get into the tournament but it seems highly unlikely either team gets in now.

The Daily Dig: 3.8.10


The GMC Sierra Conference USA Men's Basketball Championship field has been set.  UAB and Memphis seem to be on a collision course for Round 3 in Tulsa.  Marshall and Tulsa seem destined to slug it...

Dragon Slayer: Caracter's Slam Dunk Sinks UAB Upset Bid


Like so many El Pasoans, I grew up on UTEP basketball.  I'll never forget my dad yelling "Mark McCall makes the call!" after this play.  I remember watching in anguish, even when the Bear couldn't,...

Know Your Enemy: The UAB Blazers


The #21 UTEP Miners have already won their first ever Conference USA Tournament.  So, why not pull a Tony Dungy and rest their starters for the post-season?  Thankfully, in college athletics, every...

The Daily Dig: One Banner Down Edition


The #21 UTEP Miners held off a tough Marshall squad last night.  Now, we get to sit back and watch the other two elite C-USA teams, Memphis and UAB, fight it out.  The #2 seed is on the line for...

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